Thanks to my theories, which have recently been 100% confirmed by Prof Darvid Havaland and his team at the
KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm... HEUREKA<¡, I can finally implement my other theories. This then opens up the possibility for all of us to send information through time - as already indicated on several pages
- by creating something like a wormhole now. I already have the blueprints ready: Project Stargtor and can only be built in space, cause the size and static of this machine can only function in zero gravity.
This Stargate cannot function on earth... I would like to thank you for the many, many donations and letters. Unfortunately, only € 60,555 has been raised so far, but this is not enough for such a project. That's why I would like to ask the film industry for help to make a documentary film with me about this topic. Unfortunately I haven't been able to say thank you personally for the many donations. And please be patient until the relevant film professionals get in touch. With always fantastic regards Andreas Vehlau


phone: +49 152 24949662 or +49 1575 8159127 or +49 162 3590400