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Simple understanding of this formula E=mc²
This idea came to me when I was rebuilding the Cavendish experiment. He used two 158 kg lead balls, I used two about 100 kg. I asked myself why 158 kg? I think he just took 1 m³ of soil and weighed it, you can get a value like that. Then you just have to know the diameter of this big ball called earth, and you can calculate its weight. But what I'm getting at is, when I recreated his experiment with two 100 kilo lead balls, I wanted to make this attraction visible and simply used a hair,
this hair explained the solution to me because it made the spring force between the masses visible. SeL formula: Because many people have problems to understand Einstein's Formula E=mc² so well, I by the way as well. Simply explained: It is the direct dissolving of matter, i.e. mass into light, through the speed of light of approx. 300,000 km/s. And outcomes an unimaginable energy. This means, every atom also possesses an inner spring force, the so-called atomic nucleus binding forces. Now you can do the same simple math as I believe Cavendish did. Since one can measure the spring force of this hair very exactly and also knows exactly the mass which causes this, the SeL formula explains to us that many trillions of atoms are in these two lead balls and if an atom
possesses the spring force of a hair. And if we imagine now that we could line up these many hairs with their spring force in a row, then this row would have to be as long as perhaps our galaxy has diameter.
Further we imagine, we could cut all these hairs like with the spooky long-distance effect all at the same time simultaneously, this thought experiment transferred to the atomic nucleus binding forces of the two 100 kg lead balls results in an atomic bomb with many megatons of explosive power.
I would be delighted if a clever mathematician could calculate that in exact numbers. But if I see someone walking around the day after tomorrow, with a bald head, I just smile and think, he has over exaggerated this.
By the way, did you know that Einstein was also a dyslexic?
So dear Earthlings, if we don't read each other again this year, I wish you a hell of a sleigh ride into the real 21st century.

This knowledge is out of competition, and it was a hell of a lot of work.
This is a social work, about the perhaps coming truths of the universe, viewed from its perspective through this 1.0 experiment.
It is a 30-page work, summarized from over 20 years of collected populist, physical fringe science.
Only considered from the perspective of this 1.0 experiment, and if it is right?
Then the astrophysics will turn around 180° by tomorrow...

I recommend reading the page 2 and 9 first. 
Who is not interested in the space, however, will have a hard time to understand this, but we always have the WWW at our disposal. 
With this, I want to say, actually this work is a never-ending story, please forgive my compressed, untidy way of writing... 
But not the rebellious gestures that arise out of sheer frustration with the zeitgeist...

Our human time is running out, so I wanted to avoid writing a 1001-page story<!

UPDATE 14.11.21 - And this leads to the answer...42 / Revision 23.12.21

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